Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya


Intellectual Property Rights

One of the main objectives of CTTC is to promote the technological innovation. After more than 10 years of Research and Development (R&D) activities, this objective has been achieved by starting an IPR (Intellectual Property Right) Portfolio based on trade marks and patent applications. In particular, CTTC has registered five trade marks and has submitted 16 family patents to national and international offices.

As for the Trade Marks, CTTC registered the following: ADRENALINE Testbed®, EXTREME Testbed®, GEDOMIS®, DEMOCLES ®, ULAND ®. A more detailed description of these testbeds can be found in the section related to Innovation Testbeds.

CTTC Registered trademarks

CTTC Registered trademarks

With respect to the patents, CTTC has published 16 family Patents: 15 of them internationally published and 12 of them already awarded (Europe, United States, Japan, HK and Spain).


CTTC IPR´s according with International Patent Classification