Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya


CTTC Hong Kong

The company is a branch operation of CTTC that is located in Hong Kong, a gateway to Mainland China and the number one business city in Asia. The branch offers a strategic presence of CTTC in Asia Pacific where many Telecom giants and their manufacturing partners are headquartered in. In December 2010, CTTC-HK was first established as a Representative Office exploring business opportunities and establishing contacts. A year later, in December 2011, an R&D company was established focusing on market-driven R&D.

A Smart City Initiative was launched with 2 strategic project lines in mind: (1) Visible Light Communication (VLC), and (2) Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). In 2012, the company focused on developing the innovative VLC technology. In 2013, the company moved also into the market of WSN, aka Internet of Things (IoT), and initiated few pilot projects in related fields.

The company is active in local professional associations in order to gain exposure and market information, including being a member of the Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association, the Green Technology Consortium, the Hong Kong Medical & Healthcare Device Industries Association and the Business Network International, as well as participating in trade shows.

CTTC-HK positions itself as a wireless technology company targeting excellence and innovation. The company thrives to be “The Local Communications Technology & Innovation Hub” in Asia Pacific.