Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya


Highlights 2013

Similar to 2012, CTTC-HK kept drawing attention from the community, even from overseas media.

Invited Talks

  • Ernest S. Lo, “Breaking the Tech Transfer Gridlock with Social Innovations,” E2X, Cyberport, November 2013.
  • Ernest S. Lo, “Green Sensors Lead to a Better Earth,” Green Technology Consortium Pavilion, Eco Asia Expo, October 2013.
  • Ernest S. Lo, “Indoor Positioning Technology: Modern Rivals and Roadmap,” South University of Science and Technology, China, October 2013.
  • Ernest S. Lo, “Wireless Research for Smart City: Needs, Challenges, and Design Tools,” South University of Science and Technology, China, June 2013.
  • Ernest S. Lo, “Wireless Communications Technology for Smart Sensing Applications,” Hong Kong Productivity Council, January 2013.


  • Ernest S. Lo, “City of the Mind: ‘Internet of Things’: Everything is Under Control,” Echo of Moscow, November 2013.
  • Ernest S. Lo, “Trendy Guide: Wireless Sensor Networks,” Phoenix TV, February 2013.

 Exhibitions / Demo

[IoT Platform]

a)      Macao International Environmental and Cooperation Forum, March 2013. (Sponsored by partner)

b)      Eco Asia Expo, October 2013(Sponsored by partner)

[VLC Platform]

a)      HK Information & Communications Technologies Exhibition 2013, April 2013. (Received financial support from the Hong Kong Government)

Membership of Industry Associations

  • HK Wireless Technology Industry Association
  • HK Medical and Healthcare Devices Industry Association
  • Green Technology Consortium
  • Business Network International (collect market feedback of IoT and VLC from different industries)

Business Networking

  • Invited to Government and Industry events
    e.g., Annual Global Community Reception, BIP 2013, InnoAsia 2013, etc.

Special Duty Unit

  • A bunch of seasoned experts were recruited to join the Special Duty Unit. Their expertise and network significantly strengthened the portfolio of CTTC-HK, and enabled the company to build industry-grade products.