Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya


Ongoing Activities

Year 2013 was dedicated to product development of VLC and IoT as well as business development. A summary is offered below:

R&D Portfolio and Pilot Projects

The company focuses on two industry-level projects, wireless sensor networks and visible light communication, and one forward-looking research line on energy-efficient resource allocation. Details are shown as follows:

1. Wireless Sensor Networks

Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine communication have been regarded as a key technology for future intelligent networks in our daily life. Many countries have already laid down strategic planning for this for the coming years and CTTC-HK aims at capitalizing on this movement with our technical competence in the core technology, wireless sensor network, and innovations in applications.

This project is built upon the “rSense project” at CTTC headquarters, and aims at further improving the performance and features so as to address application-specific requirements. The lines defined in 2012 were further restructured as follows:

Line 1 – Performance and Reliability Improvement

  • Milestone 1:  OS Upgrade (Changed to Contiki from TinyOS)
    (better robustness and easier implementation of new features)
  • Milestone 2:  Autonomous System Recovery
    (Watchdog design to enable autonomous system reset/recovery)
  • Pending:
    - various issues regarding transmission protocol, energy consumption, robustness, weather-proof, etc.

Line 2 – IoT Features Enhancement

  • Milestone 1: Added support of Air Quality Sensors
    (IAQ2000, CO2)
  • Milestone 2: Added support of Water Quality Sensors
    (pH, water level, water temperature)
  • Milestone 3: Improved Webapps User Interface
  • Milestone 4: Built Prototype of WiFi-driven Wireless Power Bar for Control Purpose
    (better robustness and easier implementation of new control features)
  • Pending:
    - Multihop support.
    - Two-way transmission and Control support.
    - Extend the supported sets of sensors in different categories.
    - Power connectivity options and optimization.
    - Housing for motes, sensors, and gateway.

Line 3 – Business Cases Development

  • Milestone 1:  Successful Conversion of Smart Plant Pilot Project to Real Business Project
  • Pending:
    - Initiating pilot projects on various applications.

HK 1L301

HK 1L302

2. Visible Light Communications (VLC)

VLC is a signature project of CTTC-HK where innovations meet practical business. The project has been launched under a collaborative framework with partners from Stanford University, University of British Columbia, and Waseda University, with CTTC-HK taking a leading role.

In 2013, CTTC-HK alone pushed further the Smartphone-based VLC system and achieved major milestone of rolling out a Smartphone-based VLC receiver for both Flickering and non-flickering VLC signals.

Line 1 – Smartphone-based VLC for Flashing Light

Line 2 – Smartphone-based VLC for Illumination Light (non-flickering)

Line 3 – Business Cases Development

  • Milestone 1:  Drew interests from few companies.
  • Pending:
    Initiating VLC pilot projects.

HK 2L301