Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya



The centre is currently run by a core team of full-time staff members and consultants:

Full-time Staff:

Ernest Lo, Ph.D.                      – Director and Chief Representative

Kong Keow Chan                    – Assistant to Director and Business Development Associate

Bao Mok, M.Phil.                     – Research Software Engineer

Voluntary Experts:

[Special Duty Unit])

Include a bunch of seasoned engineers/business owners in the field of:

Hardware Engineering, Firmware Engineering, Software Engineering, and Apps Development.


Andy Lam, MBA                      – Business Consultant

Francisco Rubio, Ph.D.          – Engineering Program Consultant

Daniel Palomar, Ph.D.           – International and Academic Liaison

Project Advisory Committee:

Robert Schober, Ph.D.            – Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Wireless Communications,
                                                             Professor of University of British Columbia, Canada

Shigeru Shimamoto, Ph.D.     – Professor of Waseda University, Japan


Peter Chan, Ph.D.                     – Project Manager

Chiu On Lam                              – Software Engineer