Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya


Vision & Mission


The telecommunications market has been gradually shifting from operator-initiated services (push) to user-initiated ones (pull). Communications services are no longer limited to people-to-people, but also machine-to-machine, apparently every aspect of life.

In order to capitalize on the evolution, CTTC-HK sees a strong need for better understanding of the end-user market and more coherent efforts from the industry, research institutions, and universities. “Market-Driven” and “Collaborative Efforts” have been two emphasized elements of the centre’s R&D activities.

Building upon the success of CTTC, CTTC-HK strives to become a key wireless technology centre in the Asia Pacific region. Being located in Hong Kong, a metropolitan city known for its high smartphone penetration rate and openness to new technologies surrounded by many telecom giants and design manufacturers, CTTC-HK is in a good position to design, test-drive, and transfer any in-house developed Smart City technologies.

Our long-term goal:

Our long-term goal


CTTC-HK aims at improving the international reach of CTTC, developing its presence in Asia Pacific, and grabbing business and collaboration opportunities in the region.

The company also looks to enrich the already-excellent R&D portfolio of CTTC with market-driven R&D, Smart City innovations, and close collaboration with strategic partners around the globe.