Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya



The DEMOCLES® platform consists of a combination of network and system-level simulators. A screenshot of the simulation platform is shown in the figure. DEMOCLES is devised to be able to evaluate RRM strategies. Multi-user, uni/multi-cellular and multi-service scenarios are considered for a multiple standards (WLAN, WiMAX, etc.) system compatible with B/3G radio access systems. The system-level simulator aims at simulating the air interface efficiency in a multi-cell/multi-user environment by means of link-level simulation or link analytical evaluation. As a result of the system level simulation, a characterization of the air interface behavior in multi-cell/multi-user environment is obtained. This characterization is used by the network simulator for studying resource management algorithms according to performance parameters such as QoS. As for the availability time-frame, the implementation of DEMOCLES started in 2006; a simulation platform is already available with several libraries for simulation of several wireless standards, such as: IEEE802.11, UMTS (R-99) and WiMAX. Regarding the latter, a brand new module has been implemented, called WiDe (WiMAX for DEMOCLES) which models the IEEE802.16m standard. The simulator’s modules have been implemented on a heterogeneous platform based on the Miracle extension for ns2 and SystemC programming language.