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GEDOMIS® (GEneric hardware DemOnstrator for Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Systems) is an experimental platform that comprises a complete set of baseband prototyping boards, signal generation equipment, high-end RF front-ends, real-time channel emulation, signal analysis instruments and specialized software tools. This results in a laboratory environment that enables the prototyping of next generation broadband wireless communication systems, which feature bit-intensive OFDM PHY-layer techniques combined with multi-antenna schemes.

GEDOMIS® has served as a flexible experimental research platform for the prototyping and validation of the following high performance wireless communication systems as part of competitive funding projects:

  • WLAN DSP-based receiver enabling four antenna MIMO reception (non real-time).
    • Project name: MARQUIS (Medea+ program, Ref.: A111)
    • Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Tourism
    • Duration: 01/2003 – 06/2005
  • Real-time FPGA-based mobile WiMAX receiver enabling two antenna MIMO reception.
    • Project name: MIMOWA  (Medea+ program, Ref.: 2A103)
    • Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Tourism
    • Duration: 01/2007 – 06/2009
  • Real-time FPGA-based PHY-layer prototype based on mobile WiMAX, featuring a closed-loop MIMO system (transmitter and receiver) with antenna selection, adaptive subcarrier allocation, adaptive modulation, limited feedback generation and feedback processing.
    • Project name: BuNGee (FP7 ICT call 4)
    • Funded by the EC (Grant agreement no: 248267)
    • Duration: 01/2010 – 06/2012
  • Real-time FPGA-based PHY-layer prototype based on LTE (FDD, DL) in a multi-user deployment that includes (i) one LTE-based Macro BS (eNodeB) and a user and (ii) one femto BS (HeNodeB) and another femto user. The test scenario provides a proof of concept of interference mitigation techniques using feedback.
    • Project name: BeFemto (FP7 ICT call 4)
    • Funded by the EC (Contract Number: INFSO-ICT-248523).
    • Duration: 06/2011 – 06/2012
  • Energy-profiling of the LTE & WiMAX PHY-layer aiming at power-aware adaptive control.
    • Project name: GRE3N (CICYT 2011)
    • Funded by Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation
    • Duration: 01/2012 – 12/2014

GEDOMIS® is currently being used to implement and prototype algorithms and technologies for next generation communication systems.

  • Implementation and experimental validation of a broadband Fast-Convolutional Filter-Bank Multi-Carrier transmitter (FC-FBMC), with a single and two-antenna configuration, able to coexist in the same band with PMR units by employing cognitive radio techniques
    • Project name: EMPhAtiC (FP7)
    • Funded by the EC (Contract Number 318362)
    • Duration: 01/09/2012 – 1/03/2015
  • Evaluation of new indoor and outdoor channel models using the experimental setup of GEDOMIS® and cognitive radio paradigms
    • Project name: NEWCOM# (FP7)
    • Funded by the EC (Contract number 318306)
    • Duration: 01/11/2012 – 31/10/2015

What do we offer?

  • Validate multi-band multi-antenna systems
  • Test state-of-the-art physical layer signal processing techniques
  • Implement wideband real-time communication systems
  • Design, implement and test cognitive radio applications
  • Provide a real-life testbed for antenna and RF designers
  • Emulating mobile channels prior to field measurements

Consultancy services

  • System conception and feasibility studies
  • System modeling & simulation (VHDL vs. Matlab)
  • Hardware and firmware development
  • FPGA rapid prototyping
  • Reuse of existing hardware components and soft IPs


  • Competitive funding project proposals
  • Industrial contracts
  • Bilateral collaboration agreements