Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya



The ULAND® testbed is an UWB system based on two identical transceivers capable of establishing a low data rate bidirectional communication and, at the same time, precisely measuring the distance between them. Its main objectives are robust communications against multipath even in non-line-of-sight environments, low data rates in the order of some kilobits per second, ranges up to 100m and a ranging precision under 30cm. ULAND® operates in the band from 6GHz to 8.5GHz and complies with regulations on the transmitted power in Europe and USA. This system is intended for high precision ranging and robust communications in very harsh environments applications rather than low power and low complexity applications addressed by the 802.15.4a standard.  This is the reason why the entire 2.5GHz available bandwidth is used and a quite complex receiver front-end architecture based on a filter bank is implemented. Apart of demonstrating the capabilities of UWB technology, ULAND® also provides a development platform to test communication protocols, detection, synchronization and time of arrival estimation algorithms and frame structures, among other things.