Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya



Dissemination of research results is one of the main activities that we carry out at CTTC. Scientific production is mainly organized across the following categories: Journals, International conferences – which have a great impact in the technology research field, considering how fast technology evolves – Books and book chapters.

During 2013 CTTC’s contributions have been distributed across 73 journals, among them 67 in journals indexed in the ISI web of knowledge, 131 international conferences and 6 book chapters. The average impact factor of the journal publications has been 1.9, which is very high in our area of knowledge.

Besides the scientific publications, our research is also disseminated through different instruments. CTTC researchers often take care of the technical organization of scientific events, where they contribute with the organization of panels, tutorial, specific workshops, thematic doctoral schools, etc.  In particular, during 2013, CTTC has organized 6 main events, among them, an international conference, as well as different courses, tutorial and training schools.

CTTC also takes care to disseminate its foundings through outreach activities which reach the general public, with the transversal objective to get science and technology close to society.

Last but not least, CTTC has also received different awards for the research carried out during the last years, and those achievements are also reported in this section.