Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya


Outreach Activities

Many researchers of CTTC have been involved in the organization of different outreach and dissemination activities open to the general public, whose objective is to approach knowledge about information and technology to the society. One of the main objectives is to try to raise the interest of young students in technology. In addition to this, CTTC researchers have also contributed in different articles in press and in dissemination journals, available for the general public. In the following the list of the described activities and contributions is given.

25-28 February 2013
CTTC presented at Mobile Word Congress 2013
Participants: Albert Sitjà , Christian Ibars , Andrey Krendzel , Miquel Payaró, Ricard Vilalta , Josep Mangues , Nicola Baldo , Jesús Gómez , Jose Linares,   Marco Miozzo.

Topic: In the international context of the MWC, CTTC presented the recent advances of its technologies to the main actors of the telecom sector.

24 April 2013
CTTC participated in the Conference organized by Fundación Círculo, “Industrial Property in Defence and Security”
Participants: Mr. Albert Sitjà.

Topic:  CTTC, represented by Albert Sitjà, participated in the conference “Industrial Property in Defence and Security” organized by “Fundación Círculo de Tecnologías para la Defensa y la Seguridad”. The aim of this conference was to collect and present the set of rules, conventions, best practices, consulting and advisory resources, current and future risks and tools in the field of Security and Defense (patents, agreements, …)
In this context, Mr. Sitjà introduced the speech entitled “CTTC, un caso español sobre propiedad industrial”.

15 May 2013
CTTC participated in the Master on “Innovation Management”
Participants: Mr. Albert Sitjà

Topic: Mr. Albert Sitjà presented in the context of the Master on Innovation and Management, held in La Salle University, on 15th May 1013, a successful case of the project MUSSOL – System Management R&D&I of the CTTC.

19 November 2013
Science Week 2013
Participants: Dr. Ana Collado, M. Requena, M. Payaró, C. Fernández, A. Georgiadis, M. Svaluto, F. Javier Vílchez.

Topic : CTTC presented a conference on 19th November 2013 in the context of the 18th Science Week held in Castelldefels, Barcelona and organized by the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRI –Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca I la Innovació). In addition, CTTC opened its door for introduction to different Testbeds and prototypes, likeADRENALINE Testbed ®, EXTREME Testbed ®, GEDOMIS ®, ULAND ® & Temperature sensors.

Contributions to magazines